Toronto Film Festival

Fipresci Award


San Sebastián Film Festival

Official Selection

Zurich Film Festival

Official Selection

Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla

Special Screening

Busan Film Festival

Official Selection


Álvaro wants to be an author, but everything he puts down on paper rings false, pretentious and insipid. He works as a clerk at a notary’s office in Seville and his life is dull, only coloured by his dreams. His wife, Amanda, is quite the opposite. She’s always had her feet firmly on the ground and has never dreamt of becoming an author. However, she sets out to write and produces a bestseller. The ironies of life. Separation is inevitable. Just then, Álvaro decides to fulfil his dream: to write a great novel. But he can’t; he has neither the talent nor the imagination. Guided by Juan, his writing teacher, he studies the fundamentals of the novel, until discovering one day that fiction is in fact based on reality. Álvaro starts manipulating his neighbours and friends to create a story, a real story bigger than fiction.


Javier Gutiérrez, María León, Adelfa Calvo, Adriana Paz, Tenoch Huerta, Rafael Téllez

Antonio de la Torre


Director: Manuel Martín Cuenca

Guión: Alejandro Hernández y Manuel Martín Cuenca. 

Inspirada en la novela “El Móvil” de Javier Cercas, 

Productores: José Nolla, Gonzalo Salazar Simpson, David Naranjo, Manuel Martín Cuenca y Alejandro Hernández 

Productores Ejecutivos: José Nolla, Jaime Ortiz de Artiñano y Manuel Martín Cuenca.

Coproductora Mexicana: Mónica Lozano 

Música y Canciones Originales: José Luís Perales

Montaje: Ángel Hernández Zoido

Director de Fotografía: Pau Esteve

Dirección de Producción: Ernesto Chao

Dirección de Arte: Sonia Nolla

Sonido: Daniel de Zayas

Vestuario: Pedro Moreno y Esther Vaquero

Maquillaje: Anabel Beato

Peluquería: Rafael Mora

Casting: Eva Leira y Yolanda Serrano