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Sitges Film Festival

Official Selection​

Chicago Film Festival

Official Selection​

Toulouse Cinespaña Film Festival

Official Selection​


Beatriz, Álex and Natalia met in a conference about the power of dreams. Since that day, some mysterious ties join them intensely:  a strange tattoo, a shared nightmare and, overall, a sexual obsessive passion. In love and disoriented, a storm of memories coming from their dreams threatens their lives. Who of them is hiding something of his past that could carry them to death?  Psichological thriller where the main characters live a dream of destructive love. A dream from which they try to wake up.


Laia Marull, Angie Cepeda, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Emma Cohen, Joaquín Climent, Geraldine Chaplin, Marta Belenguer


Producers: Antonio Saura y José Nolla

Director: Antonio Hernández

Screenplay: Antonio Hernández y Enrique Brasó

Cinemtography: Unax Mendía

Music: Banda Osiris, Fábula

Film editing: Javier Laffaille

Art Director: Gabriel Carrascal

Make up: Romana González

Hair dressing: Josefa Morales

Casting: Eva Bernal

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