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Goya Awards

Best screenplay

Nominated for Best Film

Nominated for Best Director

Nominated for Best Músic

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress

Toulouse Cinespaña Film Festival

Public Award for Best Film


Panorama Section

Warsaw Film Festival

Official Selection

Bergen International Film Festival

Official Selection

AFI Film Festival

Official Selection

Copenhagen International Film Festival

Official Selection

Annecy Spanish Film Festival

Official Selection


Víctor (Leonardo Sbaraglia) arrives to Paris with his girlfriend (Leticia Brédice), where all his family has met together again around his father, a very important business man who has been diagnosed with cancer. One day, he surprises his father throwing away his pills and dressing up on the quiet trying to scape from the hospital. Víctor, touched by the old man’s loneliness, tries to become his accomplice.


Fernando Fernán-Gómez, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Ana Fernández, Adriana Ozores, Roberto Álvarez

Geraldine Chaplin, Mónica Estarreado


Producers: José Nolla and Antonio Saura

Director: Antonio Hernández

Screenplay: Antonio Hernández and Enrique Brasó

Production Manager: Cristina Zumárraga

Cinematography: Unax Mendía

Music: Víctor Reyes

Film editing: Javier Lafaille

Sound editing: Carlos Faruolo

Art Director: Gabriel Carrascal

Sound: Miguel Rejas

Costume Design: T vis T

Make up: Belén López-Puigcerver

Hair dressing: Sergio López

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