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Karlovy-Vary Film Festival

Variety Critic ́s Choice

Raindance Film Festival

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Málaga Film Festival

Best Film

Best Actor. 

Medina del Campo Film Festival

Best Film

Alcoy Film Festival

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Best Director

Nueva York Latino Film Festival

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San Sebastián Film Festival

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SEMINCI de Valladolid

Spanish Cinema Section

Stockholm Film Festival

Latin Visions Section


TV serie (2005).  Winds of water relates two parallel stories: The story of Olaya (Ernesto Alterio), a young miner from Asturias who needs to emigrate to Argentina in 1934 using his brother’s documents and name -Andrés-; and the story of his son, Ernesto Olaya (Eduardo Blanco), an Argentinian middle aged architect who has to emigrate to Spain in 2001, also against his will, looking for a solution to the financial troubles of his family.


Ernesto Alterio, Eduardo Blanco, Héctor Alterio, Angie Cepeda, Marta Etura, Bárbara Goenaga


A series created by Juan José Campanella

Producers: Juan Lovece, Pepe Ripoll, Ricardo Freixa and José Nolla

Directors: Juan José Campanella, Sebastián Pivotto, Bruno Stagnaro and Paula Hernández

Screenplay: Juan José Campanella, Juan Pablo Domenech, Alejo Flah, Aurea Martínez and Aída Bortnik

Production Manager: Micaela Buye and Muriel Cabeza

Cinematography: Miguel Abal and Félix Monti

Music: Emilio Kauderer

Film Editing: Camilo Antolini, Martino Zaidelis and Juan José Campanella

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